The Rock Monster Show with Pyro

I started to get into music big time in the mid 70s. In the late 70,s I got into NWOBHM (new wave of British heavy metal). I went to see Saxon with a friend and got the bug for rock music big time.

Although I am a rocker I like music of many genres. Particularly 70,s 80,s disco and country

For my sins I am a Reading FC supporter. I am nuts on Star Trek and spend a lot of my time in the 24th century.

I grew up listening to the radio my big influence was Tommy Vance of the Friday Rock Show on BBC Radio 1. I started The Rock Monster Show on 29th October 2012 on Vectis Radio on the Isle of Wight UK & it’s gone from strength to strength since then. Over the time I have been presenting the Rock Monster Show some of the highlights have been interviewing Fish from Marillion & Joe Satriani.  The Rock Monster Show can now be heard on stations across the world.

I have always been music nuts & spent the years building up a large music collection.  I also present a country show called The Country Club & I am a podcast creator.