The Gordon Cooper Radio Shows

I bought my first single in 1969…..”Sugar Sugar” by The Archies!!! I continued collecting rather a cross section of music until my best friend bought me “Burn” by Deep Purple for my eighteen birthday!! That was it….I became a life long “rocker” from then on!!
So my first love is ROCK, as is my second & third love…..although The Carpenters are my guilty pleasure!! Aside from Rock, I also love Sixties & Seventies music…..probably because I lived through them!!! lol
My love of Radio has been going for more years than I care to remember…..25+ years with Sunshine Radio on the Isle of Wight & a stint on internet radio with Vectis Radio for eight years, then I seemed to get offers to broadcast my shows all over the place!
A final thought….If someone had told me in 1969 not to collect the 6000 plus albums I collected over the decades because you’d be able to access them & more on a mobile phone that fits in the palm of your hand I’d have never have believed it!!! Mind, I did enjoy collecting them!!!

Gordon Produces Shows For Our Station and Others

  • ROCK’S SOFT ROCK – 1 hour of “Soft Rock” songs
  • ROCK’S ROCK THEMES – 1 Hour of rock but a different theme each week
  • ROCK’S ROCK ALPHABET -1 Hour of rock bands all beginning with the same letter.
  • ROCK’S ROCK POWER – 1 Hour of Rock Power Ballads
  • ROCK’S ROCK COVERS – 1 Hour of Rock cover versions of assorted songs
  • ROCK’ ROCK GOLDEN YEAR – 1 Hour of songs & facts from the same year
  • ROCK’S ROCK SHOW – 2 Hours of A.O.R Rock