Indie Rage Radio EP 28 featuring Chains Over Razors

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Mikey V. and Will from the Chicago hard rock band Chains Over Razors joins Mikey O on this week’s episode. They’ll play “Smash or Pass”, we’ll talk about the Windy City’s music and foodie scene, and much more. Plus we play 2 hours of the best independent and unsigned rock on the planet.

Hour 1:

A Killer’s Confession – Greed
Chains Over Razors – Goodbye To Sovereignty
XAON – Dreamcatcher
Sleep Theory – Fallout
Madame Mayhem – Cruel Heart
Plush – Find The Beautiful
One Of Us – Unstable
Chains Over Razors – Megalomaniac
Blacklite District – I Try
After The Tragedy – Castaway

Hour 2:

The Devil Wears Prada – Ritual
Smile Empty Soul – Loser
Apricity – Allison Wonderland
Chains Over Razors – Behind These Eyes
Manafest – Learning To Be Human
ANKOR – Oblivion
Recklless Romance – Too Deep
City Of Pillars – I Wouldn’t Look Back
Against The Sun- Video Games
Chains Over Razors – Broken Homel
Duskhaven – Crash & Burn
Society of Villains – Smoke & Trouble