Edge of the Abyss with Randal Silvey

Edge of the Abyss with Randal Silvey explores the more extreme realms of metal. From thrash to grindcore, black metal to progressive death metal, the abyss delivers all flavors of soul crushing, head banging, mind melting metal.

Randal Silvey is a podcaster, audio/video editor, and musician. His initial venture into podcasting was in 2012 as the host and producer of EMG Radio, a radio-style music podcast. Edge of the Abyss is, in a sense, a return to his roots. Additionally, he serves as the co-host and producer of The Grawlix Podcast and launched the Electronic Media Collective Podcast Network. Both endeavors are celebrating their 10th year of operations in 2024. Randal makes a living as a podcast producer and audio/video editor.

Music has always been a passion for Randal. Since 2000, he has been writing and producing music as a solo artist as well as collaboratively with other musicians. While he appreciates many genres, electronic, rock, and metal music resonate with him most. Randal’s current and longest-running musical project is SuperScience, a horror and sci-fi themed solo effort that fuses synthwave and metal.


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