Darkside – 25th May.24

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Comaniac – Start The Madness
Diseased Earth – Splitting The Tongues Of Man
GREH – Thy Breath Not Mine
Skulls Of Death – Flight Of Doom
The Order of The Precious Blood – Cheaper But Will Do
24 Thorns – Above You
Boneripper – Beyond Redemption
L.M.I. – Tool For Confusion
INTOLERANCE – Devourer of Worlds
UPRISING – Raise a Glass
Violence System – Reborn in the Sickness
Sentiment Dissolve- Totalitarian Doctrine
LAST RETCH – Ergotism
HELLCOMMANDER – Throne of the Antichrist
Final Cry – In Emerald Tombs
COLDCELL-Dead to the World
As The Sun Falls-The Wanderer
ANCIENT GUARD-Sepulchral Damnation
Die Entweihung Nonsense Games
Insepultus Wreckage of The Earth
Dawn of Reckoning-Equilibrium
ROTTEN UK-Decolonizaton
Krypticy-The Void
Sol de Sangre – Entre Mares de Vomito
Kerasfóra-Of Enlightenment and Fall
NIHILO MACHINA- Entropic Journey
Liminal Shroud-Resolve
Eternal Drak-Soul Of Hate
Pallbearer-Endless Place