Afternoon Rock Attitude – Chris Cornell

Today we celebrate the live of Chris Cornell by mixing in his music from his solo career to all the bands he has been with over his career.

1 Soundgarden Burning In My Hand
2 KK Priest Hellfire Thunderbolt
3 Billy Morrison Incite The Watch
4 Hunger Strike Temple of the dog
5 popular monster falling in reverse
6 bleeder black veil bride
7 You Know my name Chris Cornell
8 Yellow Ledbetter Pearl Jam
9 Interstate Love Song STP
10 welcome to my black parade my chemical romance
11 Love The Way You hate me Like A Storm
12 I Miss You Blink
13 Boulevard of Broke Dreams Green Day
14 Like A Stone Audioslave
15 Negative Creep Nirvana
16 Sleep Now In The Fire Rage
17 Superstar Sonic Youth
18 Would Alice In Chains
19 I wanna be sedated Ramons
20 Anarchy In The UK Sex pistols
21 I wanna be your dog The Stooges
22 I am the highway Audioslave
23 Jane Says Jane Addiction
24 Fell On Black Days Soundgarden
25 Miss Murder AFI
26 Outshine Soundgarden